Services we offer

Data Security Planning

Data security planning, is the process of planning what may happen when an incident occurs. Our core focus is on the data at rest (encryption) data in transit (encryption) and risk mitigation.

Data Migration

Data migration?  is an important service where the known OR unknown environment may or may not comply with Australia cyber law standards. Data migration may be from large cloud providers to a virtual private enterprise, or anywhere else.  

Data Hosting Strategic Planning

Data hosting strategic management,  is the planning of how certain hosting environment will behave with the planned usage. Planning a hosting environment has a large impact of the entities data, with long lasting effects. 

One area we focus on is the hybrid model, where you can serve up specific data to a specific audience whilst keeping other data hosted on a specific environment such as secure, Australia, public cost effective or any other feature deemed valuable. 

Data Encryption

Data encryption, is is not only the data at rest and in transit services. Data encryption can involve your Operating System’s data and server data.

Many operating systems can be hacked into and can all assets read in plain text, where encrypted Operating Systems need the private key to unlock the data to be read by a human.

Another layer to protect nefarious activity. 

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