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Data migration could happen for many reasons. As data becomes increasingly important, we rely on data being available 24/7. Any delay is felt and for this reason, we sometimes need to migrate data to different environments.



Problems can arise for man reasons, below are just a few:

  • You have outgrown you host
  • Laws demand your data is hosted in the country as the laws, medical, finance and other sensitive information.
  • The host environment isn’t compatible
  • You need faster delivery speeds

Just a few reasons are mentioned above, your situation could vary.


Data Migration.

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Data hosting solutions could be delivered in many ways. Such as big cloud providers, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google cloud or perhaps your current host may be misconfigured for your requirements.

Need Data Migration Advice?

The law states you need to host in Australia

Health records, financial records, personal identity are just a few which need to house their data in Australia.

Certain industries need to house their data in the same jurisdiction its clients reside. Health records, financial records, personal identity are just a few which need to house their data in Australia. If you need to migrate data to a certain jurisdiction, let us know. DelCorp Data servers are in Australia, delivering fast reliable and secure hosting.

Faster Delivery Speed!

Our servers are on the East Coast of Australia, meaning we deliver fast speeds to the majority of Australia’s population!

Data migration could result in faster speeds. Our data centers are located on the eastern seaboard, meaning fast delivery times.

Misconfigured host/environment

Sometimes you need to have the host configured in the right way or have the right environment.

When data migrating, you need to know if you have the right environment and configured to match your application requirements. Our servers are featured Linux Apache MySQL and PHP (LAMP) stacked. If you have a host that requires configuration or a checkup, let us know. We can definitely help.

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