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Python Automation for Finance Sector

Python Automation for the finance sector, is an exciting new area where trades are automated via machines. As many in the know understand that scripts can execute trades with most of the repetitive work done for you, however what is not common knowledge is how, where and what platforms can execute these trades. 

If you have specific platforms you would like algorithms worked, we can research the platforms as even though Open Source is $0 fee, it could cost you heavily on sharing the your prized financial algorithms.  

Financial Engineering Automation

Financial engineering automation, is the process of understanding risk and minimising (hedging) your losses. The term can be utilised interchangebly with many facets of finance, in our perspective we utilise financial engineering to software development in the efficient use of resources. 

An example, are cloud services where if left on default settings costs may be exponential, however with efficient use of resources costs can be reduced dramatically.

Finance Industry

Incidence response management, is the process of planning what may happen when an incident occurs. It answers the question, “What happens if we get hacked?”. Its an important question, as once compromised you are on the back foot and need to report to authorities (data breach compliance). Incidence response management simulates nefarious events.

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