Data Breach Compliance

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Data breach compliance is a serious offense when you are the victim. Many don’t think that being a victim of a data breach puts the emphasis on you, the owner or management of the organization which houses client data.



Problems arise when poor cyber hygiene is rampant and what eventuates is a data breach. A good way to stay compliant is to know what laws and regulations you need to obey.


Data Breach Compliance

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A solution to data breach compliance is to simply plan. The cliched saying has never too appropriate; “Failing to plan, is planning to fail”.


Need Data Breach Compliance Advice?

Planning to stay compliant can be a simple process

Data breach involves everyone in the organisation. Knowing what questions to ask and what to look for can be a simple process.

Having a good data breach compliance solution can sometimes be staring at us in the face. Most of the answers of what makes a strong organization is noticing the weakest links, as to patch and fix the problems. Knowing your weaknesses can enable your strengths.

Actioning a plan can be easy as 1, 2, 3

Knowing what steps to take doesn’t have to be daunting, all you need is the right guidance.

A good data breach compliance. Program can be summed up in three basic steps: 1) What e organisation need to protect? (by law) 2) What is being done to protect these assets? 3) Who or what can help us manage these assets?  Finding the answers to the above scenarios can reveal lots of insights.

Data breach compliance is the law

Did you now that if you leak your clients sensitive data, you could be held accountable for the data breach?

Data information security laws are ramping up every year. The organisation who houses data on behalf of your clients is ultimately responsible for the security of the information. This is a huge responsibility to undertake as the leakage is usually an unauthorized party who has gained access by ‘hacking’ your system. Yes, threat hunters should be a part of finding the party responsible, but organisations usually have the final say of how the information secures your clients data.

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