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Software Security Audit 

Software security audit, is the process of ticking all boxes which are expected that software developers are expected to deliver.

An sample of a quality control security audit is the ability to avoid the top 10 errors. A good result would be a pass mark of 60% with the remaining 40% patchable by DelCorp Data. 

Another simple measure of quality is the quality of a CRUD, which is the users ability to Create Read Update Delete files. 

Web App Security Audit

Web application security audit, is similar to the OWASP top 10, with an added bonus of web pen-testing.

Web security audits can also cross check with legislation to make sure you are compliant with cyber laws, standards and any other kind of benchmark you need to maintain. 

A web security audit is recommended at least once per annum, but depending on traffic of the website the frequency could be higher that annually. 

OpenSource Software

OpenSource software, is open by default which can invite intruders and nefarious actors.

Many users of opensource software is the fact that known vulnerabilities are published throughout the community. Thankfully the same community can alert, and patches are quickly released. however for the un-patched systems hackers can simply scan the web for outdated versions and vulnerabilities can be exploited. 

Partner Security 

Partner security, is the process of analysing all 3rd party suppliers who interact with your company. Depending on the supplier you have, you may be at risk or no risk at all. 

Partner security or insecurity are the basis of supply-chain attacks where throughout the life of company to supplier there could be vulnerabilities passed on. 

An example could be an app the supplier states you must use the app in order to do business with them, but may be insecure which exposes you. 

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