Our Mission is simple:

To be the best communicators & support team in secure websphere

We can only achieve this with your feedback.

The rise ofcybersecurity, it started like this…

When the internet was invented, people were intrigued how easy it was to communicate with each other form all parts of the world, we all trusted each other.


Then as the net grew, so did questionable characters. We all started to take extra care and then we started to get viruses, hacks and computer crashes. The net wasn’t the same place.

We all knew that we needed to take care. Then Stuxnet happened. Stuxnet weaponised the internet by unknown sources attacking Irans nuclear power plants. Cybersecurity was born.

Our niche: Virtual Cyber skills for any enterprise budget

The need for qualified cybersecurity professionals in Australia

As the internet vulnerabilities increase and the cyber security skills gap, DelCorp Data is busily developing the next generation of cybersecurity agency with the help of trained personnel (at global and Australian standards), automation, software and other ground breaking research.

Specialist Cybersecurity skills can be costly

Anyone who has conducted a search for cybersecurity skilled personnel can attest that it can become expensive. However this doesnt have to be the norm.

Our push to provide cyber skills economically

One area that we are focusing on is the virtual side of cyber security. This means that with the lack of qualified cybersecurity professionals, its important that smaller business can access cyber security skills as to stay compliant.

Melbourne based

Australian company, Melbourne based. You can visit our office or we can visit you. Of critical importance is the ability to stratgise and map a workable strategy for all parties involved.

The main reason for existing is to run in the background, whilst powering your business, inhibiting threats and improve your company’s operations.

In other words, your business runs as usual.

DelCorp Data’s CyberSecurity Role

1. Business First

Many software packages and boxes promise the magical ‘golden’ pill. However we know this is a fallacy and it may be that we need to combine legacy systems with new platforms, develop from scratch or anything else.

To begin with, a high level architecture view is critical.

2. Technology Second

Once the specifications are detailed, we discuss what technology will fulfill the project’s objective. Along the project, we need to understand what the business as usual processes are. We hear many companies have the latest and greates but are stuck with conflicting advice.

We simple ask “What’s the point of having the latest tech, if you don’t know how to use it?”.

In most cases, clients have the existing technology they need to be secure. We simply strategise and configure your existing software to your objectives. If you don’t have the software, not to worry, we can build it.

Our Competencies

Cybersecurity Services

Governance, ethical hacking and monitoring


Business Processing Automation

Web & Software development

Secure web and sofware development (full stack) and APIs.


End-to-end support for clients and non-clients