Services we offer

E-Commerce Automation

E-Commerce automation, is the process of linking all services from a certain event, usually a sale.

Logical departments to automate are

  • sales to warehouse to logistics
  • Sign up to marketing software
  • Client feedback to management and operations

There are many ways to automate your e-commerce store. 

Abandoned Shopping Carts Automation

Abandoned Shopping Carts Automation, is the reduction of abandoned sales. Some areas we work with you are: 

  • Trust and security
  • Product reviews and price points feedback
  • Design and sales prompts
  • Marketing and email promotional

Although this service is niche service we believe that the combination of security, automation can increase sales checkouts. 

Julio Del Cid has worked with VeriSign (now Symantec) who has helped enterprise clients increase sales at checkout. 

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