OWASP web security

OWASP Web Assessment

OWASP web assessment, is the process of analysing your website against well known vulnerabilities.

The OWASP web assessment is a set of common threat landscapes that most hackers exploit. Fixing, patching or protecting against these attacks leaves you in good safe steps as most hackers are after quick returns on effort.

Specific OWASP Top 10 fix 

Specific OWASP top 10 fixes, are fixes specifically designed to amend issues found through our OWASP web assessment. Fixes include, but not limited to:

  1. SQLi injection 
  2. Broken authentication
  3. Sensitive data exposure
  4. XML external entities (XEE)
  5. Broken access controls
  6. Security misconfiguration
  7. Cross-site-scripting
  8. Insecure deserilisation
  9. Using components with known vulnerabilities
    10. Insufficient logging and monitoring


SQLi Injection Attacks

SQL injection attacks, are by far the most prevalent types of attacks. SQLi attacks are when the user adds code to a database and can start changing databases, from creating accounts such as administrator, chaning database information such as prices/money values or deleting entire databases. 

If spotted SQLi attacks are a very high level of threat which should be mitigated immediately. 

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