Partner & Re-seller Training Programs

Fuelled by the growth of interconnected devices and demand for IoT security

“The economic impact of the Internet of Things will be measured in trillions. The number of connected devices will be measured in billions.”

Source: IOT Security Foundation 

The skills shortage within specialists areas such as cybersecurity, automation and web professionals will continue to grow along with the growth of connected devices. We hear the call and the need to share our knowledge and train the next generation of digital professionals.

Our firm has the ability to scale rapidly with automated business systems, skilled personnel, professional memberships and growing network of highly skilled professionals.

Who is the training for?

The training has a presumption of IT experience or knowledge.

• Technically minded professionals
• Business minded professionals
• IT Operators
• Aspiring business owners

Training Intentions

We offer training toward potential white label or re-seller partners. Our offering is for ABN holders, who wish to establish or extend their existing IT operations.

Warning: The reality of the such an opportunity is highly rewarding, but does not come without long days, late nights, demanding clients and very technical circumstances which will test your skills beyond your limits. If you feel you have what it takes, read on.


DelCorp Data, Awarded

‘Most Well Developed Program’

by Performance Careers

What a great honour to be recognised for our contribution in 2017 toward career development of more than 30 app developers, software engineers, coders, business analysts and overall great people into the Australian business community.

Performance Education (also known as Grad Ready) is an established group recognised & respected by professional bodies such as, the Australian Computer Society, CPA Australia, Chartered Accountants, Institute of Public Accountants, a member of IEAA with great clients such as Telstra and many more.

Each module represents a training program.
Order some or all the training modules.


High Five

Training modules

Our training adapts to industry demands,
content is reviewed on a a half yearly basis

Industry led +
vendor based training

The training provided, is led by industry with training based on leading vendor technology. The training not only prepares you to offer new services, it also may prepare you to take industry certifications.

Vendor & industry based training.

Some of our trusted partners are leaders in industry and education. Vendors such as Cisco, Splunk, CyberArk, VMWare, Deakin University, Box Hill Institute to name a few, you can be rest assured the training will be high quality.

You will need:

You will need a laptop with at ideally 16GB-32GB RAM, CPU processor of at least Intel i7, windows and internal storage space to our training of 80 GB.



Cybersecurity training

Topics include:

  • The need for cybersecurity skills
  • Types of Cybersecurity attacks
  • Incident handling compliance
  • Protecting the organisation
  • Business case for cyber services

A popular add-on is the Kali Linux tool kit foundation training.





& IoT


Automation & IoT training

Topics include

  • The need for automation IoT skills
  • Type of automation & vulnerabilities
  • Type of IoT & vulnerabilities
  • Protecting IoT systems
  • Business case for automation & IoT services


*Some scripting knowledge would be ideal, but not mandatory





Secure Web

Secure Web training

Topics include

  • The need for secure web skills
  • OWASP top 10 vulnerabilities
  • Protecting web infrastructure
  • Pen-testing
  • Business case for the secure web






Agency Management

Future planning

Management training

Topics include

  • Cybersecurity firm management
  • Support system and client management
  • Accounting & finance systems
  • Project management
  • Staff hiring and training
  • Processes & procedures manuals
  • Office physical arrangement



Adaptability &

Tech adaptability training

Skills gained:

  • The need for adaptability skills in tech
  • Research: Threat hunter & zero day market
  • Adaptability: Tech suitability & implementation analysis
  • New opportunities: Emerging tech trends & partnerships
  • The business case for research, adaptability & opportunities


More information on Modules

If you are interested please send your expression of interest on the modules of choice. Once received one of our account managers will promptly respond to your enquiry.