Automation Use Case 

With rising costs of business, lower barriers of entry competition is fierce. Competitors are leveraging machines to win market share.

We live in an age of automation from auto-responders to Artificial Intelligence. The degree of automation depends on what you need done and if the technology is available. Nevertheless we can help. 

Higher labor costs and increased competition

If you work in an industrialised country, you would know the rising costs of workers is real. Outsourcing has decreased the cost of labor, but with quality issues the new competitive advantage is automation.

Fresh, new, hip competitors are taking advantage of automation right out-of-box, with things like cloud synchronisation, automated marketing campaigns to name a few.

When your staff finish work, the internet is still open for business

A whole lot of business is left on the table if you don’t service your client after closing hours. Self service websites and applications have increased the digital economy exponentially.

Offering some automated bits, self-service and other interactive applications can make a huge impact to your business.

Clients expect ’24/7′ like service. Instant gratification or FOMO is the new norm. 

Downtime in any business can hurt the bottom line. If you service client by people during business hours you know the costs can be very expensive.

The new client of tomorrow will be a tech savvy client who will expect you have a 24/7 service desk. This is fuelled by the ‘instant gratification’ culture were seeing now.

“I’m only human”, is not acceptable. Humans are error prone. 

Human error is common, however with the assistance of technology you can avoid a lot of the issues.

When precision and care is needed, we usually rely on experience and guidance. Machines can do this and they are not conflicted by any interest.

Our reliance of AI and automation will only continue. So why not use this technology in your business now?

We think of four simple use cases in this page, but the possibilities are truly endless. . 

Technology is becoming cheaper and faster to run automated bots. 

The costs of technology is lower everyday. One thing that has to be understood is the willingness to invest time and money into new technologies which may give you favorable return in the future.

We are specialists in certain industries and can definitely help automate your business.

Article: Moores law, discusses the increasing power in technology. 

Mundane tasks should be eliminated. Software can work with high precision. 

Automate the boring is totally possible and necessary a recent study finds. 

A UK Telegraph study found that employees wast over 750 due to workplace distractions. This amount is large number if you multiply the amount of people are distracted. 

Humans aren’t robots, so automate the robotic things. We cant expect humans to be worked to death, but we can assist the process by automating processes. 

Machines can work 24/7, faster, cheaper and accuracy

We may hate the reality that we can be replaced by humans. Take comfort to know that machines are far off completely replacing the human, especially in the combined senses, creativity and human insights.

What should be automated are things that are dangerous, require high precision, calcuatting numbers, process work and other repetive tasks which are not prone to fatigue.


Cut human error, by integrating RegTech

Regulatory Technology or RegTech is basically systemising business processes where regulations are met.

Particularly important in highly regulated industries, where human error costs the business money or can create issues for the company. Reg Tech is a simple concept where business rules allow or dissallow certain actions.

Independent Creative Thought

Let’s face it, where there is a will there is a way. Cyber criminals may find payoff is well worth the effort, and criminals are only getting smarter and the stakes are increasing.


Before knowing what you will tell us (next step) we try to bend the rules, manipulate and try to compromise your systems. This is a basic preliminary step to gauge the level of security you currently have.


Blending is sharing what we now know about you and what you know to create a solid framework working on improving your systems.

Break & Repeat

Once all prior steps are taken, we then break or hack your systems. From brute force to social engineering, this is an important aspect to test your systems. We then patch, repeat and refine.

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