Services we offer

Monitoring as a Service (MaaS)

Monitoring as a Service (MaaS), is a service which trained cyber security analysts monitor any abnormal behaviour. Abnormal behaviour include anomalies, outliers and anything you consider to be abnormal.

If requested we can store many years of data or combine the data pool with cloud providers such as AWS along with data SIEMS such as Hadoop and/or splunk. 

Thew level of scrutinty depends on the data markers requested. Example, a company with 10 data markers points will be significantly different to a company which requires 100 data markers. 

Packaged V-CSOCaaS

Packaged Virtual CyberSecurity as a Service, is a ‘all-in’one’ service ideal for small to medium enterprises who need to comply with certain data laws.

Includes data markers MaaS, cyber security incident responder, backups and virtual machine restoration. 

Packaged VCSOCaaS are run on a MS Azure or AWS environment. 

Build Your Own V-CSOC

Build your own VCSOC, is when a Service Level Agreement is designed and delivered to satisfy your functional requirement.

You can have a custom made Virtual CSOC on the following scenarios:

  • The law mandates you need a minimum level of security
  • Industry states what you need
  • You have known vulnerabilities and we cater to these needs
  • You can outline the requirements or
  • We can assess your requirements by system and penetration testing (marked against secure frameworks).

Data Analytics

Data analytics, is the installation of specific data compilers. There are many ways to measure data starting from:

  • Internally generated employee log data
  • Web logs (website activity)
  • 3rd party: Google anblaytics
  • Big data: Hadoop
  • 3rd party compilers: SPLUNK 

The sources above need a dashboard, so depending what you need we can assist. 

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