Data Hosting Strategic Planning

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Situations arise when you are not sure what to do with the data you are hosting. There are many scenarios to consider:

  • You are starting out and not sure how to architect your data assets (valuable parts of your businesses information assets)?
  • Your core business model revolves around information, such as client databases, apps etc
  • You have outgrown your current provider
  • You are required by law to upgrade to a certain environment

Data is everywhere, a good data hosting strategic plan is essential in the ever-expanding digital world.



When no or poor data hosting management plans are executed problems such as data degradation can occur. Data degradation occurs when the information becomes irrelevant, old, invalid and in the worst case scenario breached by unauthorized personnel.


Data Hosting Strategic Planning.

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The solution is a sound data hosting strategic plan. Our approach is a three-pronged approach:

  1. Integrity of data
  2. Availability of data
  3. Confidentiality

The above are pillars in a successful Data Hosting Strategic Planning process.

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Availability of data

Availability of data is about having the information when you need it.

Information can be made unavailable by many means:

  • Login credentials are unavailable
  • Data is corrupted
  • Data is encrypted
  • Data is missing
  • Data is unavailable due to host not able to deliver data requests (bandwidth exceeded)
  • Data has been breached, stolen, deleted, etc

Having information when you need it is vital to business continuity.

Integrity of data

The information which is made available needs to be relevant and of true value.

It may sound interesting, but the integrity of data we access has become under fire recently. Popularised in 2018, by the term “fake news” is a true representation of the ever increasing manipulation of information which has its integrity questioned.

Your information is no different. Keeping relevant and quality data is vital.

Confidentiality of data

Information should only be shared with intended recipients, else there could be privacy breaches

Data at rest or in transit (over networks) could be leaked or seen by unauthorized personnel. Having the right data hosting strategic plans can account for the following:

  • Data at rest (encryption)
  • Data in transit (SSL encryption)

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