Data Security Planning

Situations, Problems
& Solutions.



Situations arise in data security planning or lack of when:

  1. You take the initiative but don’t know where to begin
  2. You haven’t taken the initiative and have been forced (by the law OR by hackers) to act fast on your data’s security.

It’s clear that one of the options above is better to be in/ Nevertheless, you need to prepare for data security in each occasion.



When you have not taken the time to have proper data securing planning sessions problems are a plenty. The most obvious is a data breach or when you need to report to the Office of the Information Commissioner, which you need to show competence steps in securing your clients data and minimise harm.


Data Security Planning

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Data security planning consultations are easy to commence and necessary. The data security of your company is paramount and compromising your clients data is no gamble you should take.

Data security planning consultations can be engaging and dare I say… fun.

Need Data Security Advice?

Plan to get hacked as your plan will save you

Imagine building the Eiffel Tower by guessing, it just won’t work. Having all situations, requirements scoped out is half the solution.

Windows has many features and each feature may have a vulnerability. Securing workplace PCS which use windows operating systems may sound like a simple, task, and it is. Yet the attacks come in many forms, where we try to avoid data breaches by unauthorized use of workplace PCS. We start by checking all patches, and if requested check the applications to make sure they are secure.

Known unknowns is part of the plan

2018 was a significant year of cyberlaws. Many business owners may be aware they need to keep information secure, but it’s now the law!

Many business owners aren’t aware that in November APRA released documentation regarding information security. Many in the know, would already be aware of health and financial data to be secured, however, don’t be caught out when you have broken the law by not securing or taking the necessary steps to keep your data secure.

Believe it or not, but data security planning can be fun!

We know that data security planning can be a dry topic, but it doesn’t have to be. Our process engages your staff and involves fake hack attempts.

Building a cognisant workforce to cyber attacks can be your best investment in cybersecurity. Our workshops involve engaging cybersecurity planning workshops, where some staff are put in real life events and work with team members to learn how to respond. Threat minimization and mitigation is the most important  aspect of any data security planning strategy.

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