Benefits of a Virtual CSOC


Cost reduction

The benefit of using virtual cybersecurity operations center is a cost reduction in spending currency on setting up the Cyber Security Operations Center and hire more personnel to operate and manage installed systems. In virtual CSOC, only skilled personnel are required to maintain and operate the systems, but additional systems’ installation is not required because of the virtual environment of CSOC.


Comply with GDPR

The companies should have to comply with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) which was created for protecting the personal data or sensitive information of EU (European Union) citizens. The main purpose of the GDPR is every individual will get an authority to manage their personal information and it helps to make the more comprehensible environment for the overseas merchandises or businesses. The companies or organizations which are doing businesses inside the European Union must acclimate and comply with the new regulations of GDPR or they will be penalized. The organizations or companies will no longer control or manage the data of individuals, but citizens can manage and control their personal information by themselves as per the guidelines of updated GDPR.

According to the statement of Timothy Pilgrim who is an Australian Privacy and Information Commissioner, the new system will give the benefit of protecting the confidentiality of every individual which will lead to reinforcement of faith and conviction among people in businesses. If the data will breach then according to the Privacy Act, the companies or organizations must notify people about breach of data.


SLA (Service Level Agreement)

SLA is a Service Level Agreement is a way of showing enthusiasm for doing business with outsourcing companies or firms. Before planning SLA, there are few points which should be considered such as getting the idea of software and auxiliary hardware equipment, the prediction of capability for internal team. While planning SLA, IT professionals make different approaches in an emergency situation like system breakdown, system upgrades and so on. These strategies or approaches should be mentioned in SLA so there will be no breach of the agreement and nobody should be held responsible. The agreement must contain the milestones of every essential task and performance measurement done by third-party or outsourcing company should also be mentioned in SLA. The SLA document should be in a succinct and precise language which does not cause any miscommunication between companies and ambivalent information should be revised properly.


Virtual Environment

Virtualization gives the benefit of experiencing all the features and facilities which works as real without installing additional computer components and setting up separate rooms for managing and providing services. The virtual environment is an exact clone at your system which works fine and smooth according to the system’s configuration. For instance, Kali Linux can be installed in windows operating system using a virtual machine such as VMware which means people can use different operating systems with the help of virtualization. But people should be able to configure and manage a virtual environment which is easy to control and helps in reducing cost as well.



Backups are easy to maintain on a daily basis because everything in today’s era has saved in cloud memory. These services can be provided by cloud-based services which are more reliable and easier to deal with the issues or faults. The automatic backups are usable but at some point, all the backups in the register memory should be managed on time to save only relevant data such as sensitive information of the clients, business plans and so on.


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