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When you run so many operating systems, you’re not sure which are up to date and which are vulnerable.



System testing is the ability to benchmark your computer’s operating systems against the manufacturers security standards. Usually a Microsoft Operating System or Mac Operating System.


System Testing.

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You need a system to be patched and up to date with the latest security fixes.

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Making sure your Microsoft operating system is 100%

Windows Systems are usually up to date, however there a few naughty people who continually postpone installing the latest version of Windows at someone’s peril.

Windows Systems is the most utilized operating system by enterprise and small business. If your operating systems is out of date then you may be susceptible to attacks.

Application system testing

Do you have certain applications you depend on? If yes, then we can test for vulnerabilities.

Application system testing is testing the applications which interact with your business. They range from mobile applications to browser applications. Many organisations assume all applications are tested and ready to be used, which is true…however common assumptions are that there is no nasty traffic. A motivated attacker can see vulnerable systems and wait to capitalize when the opportunity is right.

EFTPOS system testing

Is your EFTPOS System still using an outdated version of windows?

Many retail outlets, cafes, restaurants, hotels and other businesses which use EFTPOS may be utilizing an outdated, unpatched and insecure version to run their payments. What is worse is that there are systems which operate via Wi-Fi making these systems very vulnerable to attacks.

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