Penetration Testing

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You need to know whether your website is secure and in case of attacks, whether your barriers can hold up the worst kind of attacks.



Penetration testing (pen testing) can yield great results and can create some new issues. Here are a few:

  • Penetration testing by inhouse staff, may attack known patches
  • Attackers would be relentless when attacking, so don’t go easy when pen testing
  • Pen testing by internal staff can be audited with their best interests (or job prospects) in mind

Penetration Testing

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SOLUTION: An independent pen tester can reveal some very useful insights about your assets strengths and weaknesses.

Need Penetration Testing advice?

An independent report

A penetration testing report can reveal some great insights into your businesses digital assets.

When you hire external company to  do one thing, that is what we will do. External pen testing, will reveal a report about your businesses digital assets free from any office politics, conflict of interests and any other factors while may skew results.

Pen testing from a different perspective!

When you know what to look for its easy, we don’t, so let us find a way to break your systems!

You may have patched your systems, repaird or fixed a known issue, as independent pen testers we don’t know any thing apart from “get in to your system!”. Having penetration testing from a different angle may reveal new insights into what you may have not expected.

A checklist of items to fix

Get a list of items to fix.

When it comes to the crunch, we need to know what to do so we can fix known vulnerabilities. Once all testing is complete, you will be given a report of what where the vulnerabilities and how to repair the issues. Your web developer/programmers will be given clear instructions on what went wrong and how to fix.

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