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Incidence response management is very important. Consider these questions: What happens if you get hacked? Are you backed up? Can you continue your business with minimal disruption? How long till you get back online? What are the costs to the breach?Do you know you have to report (applies to companies and users) any data breaches to the  Office of the Australian Information Commissioner? And not doing so you may be fined severely?



Many business owners are not properly prepared for a data breach and some users are not aware they need to report their company has been breached. Cybersecurity is for all to administer!

Some businesses simply increase their contingency budgets in preparation for business disruption, but the consequences of not properly responding to cyber attacks are deeper.


Incident Response Management

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Incidence response management is multi-tiered. We start off by level 1, the help desk or the front of house. The second level is a more experienced and in-depth management level, finally the last tier could be an experienced party or the authorities if your data breach may harm others.

An Incidence response management is a crucial part of your business and should not be taken lightly.

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Business Continuity is critical

When you have a tested Incidence response management, life is good.

Hackers both internally and externally attempt to break into systems on a frequent basis. Your business is not immune from cyber-attacks and although many cybersecurity professional vendors claim to eradicate cyber-attacks, they are lying! NOONE can totally eradicate cyber attacks as some of the most trusted staff can breach your trust and cause a data breach.

Incidence response management takes this into account and helps your business continuity, despite how you were attacked.

Many business owners don’t know they need to stay compliant with secure data laws!

2018 was a significant year of cyberlaws. Many business owners may be aware they need to keep information secure, but it’s now law!

Although business continuity is the main game for Incidence response management plan. However Many business owners aren’t aware that they need to keep in line with data security laws. Many in the know, would already be aware of health and financial data to be secured, however, don’t be caught out when you have broken the law by not securing or taking the necessary steps to keep your data secure.

Custom Incidence response management plans

Every business is different and we treat you as an individual entity, despite the branches and instances you may have. Taking that extra care makes all the difference.

Custom Incidence response management is important. We don’t assume you’re a type of business you would have taken certain precautions, we ask and find solutions. Every business is unique with its own departments managed by people. The amount of combinations of what could go wrong is huge! This is why we don’t take any shortcuts. We treat your Incidence response management plan with the due diligence it deserves.

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