Free CRM

Yes, a free CRM worth many thousands of dollars

Based of a world leading open source platform, we design your business flow, setup, install and support your royalty free CRM.

Custom built CRM

Design your success by a custom built CRM. DelCorp Data will install, customise and support your business’ CRM.

Royalty Free CRM

Based off world leading open source technology.

Free CRM

A free CRM? Yes, modelled on SugarCRM’s award winning predecessor, comes SuiteCRM. We’re proud to design, install and customise this great CRM that will grow you business.

What is royalty free? Royalty free means that we don’t charge any fees for the right to use the software, rather DelCorp Data charges you for the design, customisation and ongoing support for your new CRM.

You can save thousands, on setup and ongoing costs. You don’t pay per user, but a once-off setup fee and hosting costs. Fair and simple.

FAQs about;
our CRM

How is it free when you charge per month?

The CRM is 100% free let me explain:

The free component is the royalty free meaning you can take your software anywhere you like.

Our pricing structure is a simple structure as we charge in two ways:

  1. The setup and customisation of your CRM and
  2. The ongoing hosting and support for your CRM.

The CRM is free as;

1. You can download the software yourself and host it on your laptop and it will be 100% free. However most businesses like their CRMs available 24/7 online, hence why we charge hosting.
2. Our software isn’t supported by ads.
3. We don’t ask for or leverage private information, such as ‘login with Facebook’
4. We don’t charge per user, as each user has approximately 250-500 mbs of storage spacewalk simply estimate the server space required.
5. If you ever wanted to migrate away, you can! No fees, no worries at all.

Agreed that hosting is cheap, but the most important aspect is our CRM support. We know this CRM very well and is 100% open source and customisation.

So the hosting fee is also backed by our Australian specialist technical team, support ticket and phone.

How does your pricing work?

Our pricing structure is a simple structure as we charge in two ways:

  1. The setup and customisation of your CRM and
  2. The ongoing hosting and support for your CRM.
How do you compare with Salesforce, Hubspot and other CRM software?

Salesforce and other CRM software are usually proprietary software meaning that you never own the software nor can you see their core softare code. You simply build your business on their servers and they charge you a monthly fee per user. Some fees can range in the thousands if you have enough features and users under your account. This may not matter to many, as the advantages are the CRMS is well established, but other may want to build and own a CRM which is yours to keep.

Generally speaking if you keep to the raw basic elements of the Salesforce, HubSpot and other CRM’s they are very cheap or absolutely free.

However, please be aware that anything labelled ‘free’ must make money somehow and the freemium business model is that eventually you may want to either upgrade or migrate your information away. 

Common “Gotcha” features are email configuration, lead tracking, lead life cycle and other aspects would cost you it may cost you marketing aspect,

Another common trap is when you have invested so much time and money into some of these CRMs, you would need to upgrade with some prices commonly charging in excess of $1000 per month!…yes per month!.





CRM Features

A fully featured CRM and growing

Fully featured CRM. Just because its free doesn’t mean were cutting corners. Here are some features of the CRM:

  • Workflow
  • Sales
  • Portal
  • Data/reporting

and more.

For a full feature list click here >>


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