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Many websites don’t take full advantage of what form automation can do.  Form automation can kick-start the complete process for your organisations and should be paramount in your customer service processes.



Problems can arise when little to no attention is given with the contact or enquiry form. This can be a problem as the company will rely on other resources such as telephone operators, email and in-person enquiries.

Cybersecurity form issues: can arise when you the design allows buffer offer flows, which is a type of attack designed to inject your website with malicious code.


Form Automation

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We understand that every business is unique. However every business can benefit from form automation, even for the most “off-line” businesses such as trades, as a notification to a tradie of the job type, job time, date and equipment can prepare both client and tradesperson.

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Customized customer service

In the age of machines, artificial intelligence automation sets a precedence that customer service will be paramount.

Whether we like it or not, customer demand customized customer service. Automating a form process can deliver the following swiftly:

  • Customer send expectations
  • Team fulfill expectations
  • Customer is happy and recommends
  • OR is unhappy and posts dissatisfied message

When a customer fills in a form on a website,  the customer does expect a customized response.

Prepare your staff

Imagine knowing what the client is thinking and wants to continually send you business, form automation does that!

Asking a customer what they expect is so simple to do. Where most businesses fall down is the delivery of the product or service. This disappointment can be eradicated by simply architecting the customer experience well ahead of time.

Improve Sales

When customer expectations are met, repeat business happens naturally.

Fulling customer requirements should be easy. Assume we can do this, by form automation, the next thing to do is ask customer and share their glee online. When customers are happy, they buy again but when customer are pushing your customer satisfaction (lead majors) you win in multiples.

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