Privilege Abuse

Uncontrolled or unrestricted liberty can cause issues for the privacy of end users. For example, a specific individual can get the advantage of accessing users’ account details without users’ authorization.


The solution for excessive privileges is to minimize access privileges abuse. Moreover, the user should be able to control all the main aspects of their own accounts. Further, database administrators should monitor access control lists.


Database Injection Attacks

The most essential and harmful threat for any database is SQL injection because it can affect the whole database and an attacker will search for the vulnerability in the database to target the intimate information.


To avoid database injection attacks, all the user activities should be examined properly to protect intimate data from exposure to cyber criminals. An appropriate evaluation of vulnerability in any database should be considered to arrange the confidential data for better security service. Also, link scripts should be checked and filtered for any malicious attack purpose all the time.


Storage media exposure

The backup of media files in the database can be vulnerable to cybercriminal because it can be accessed by an attacker using different attacking tools. An unmanaged database for intimate information is a clear invitation for an attacker because of the prostate level of approach which means that data is at risk.


Web requests which contain malicious code can be avoided using auditing automated to secure the data stored in the database as well as cybersecurity risk awareness training among employees is equally helpful for better security services. Also, we need to check all media data before storing or processing them. Anti-virus software is significantly helpful at this point.


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