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Business First

Let’s chat about what you want built, designed and tested.

Business-analyst Solutions Design Testing

Technology Second

Once we know what to build, let’s get to work.

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Tech Support

When things get tough, we got you supported

Technical, programming & other prickly situations made easy

When your website, hosting or anything web is acting up, we can help.



Websites and code degrade over time & need maintenance.  Websites like many other things in the business world need maintenance and management in order to stay up to date with security patches, latest trends, mobility and other user expectations.

Websites need the following items maintained:

  • Security patches
  • Software upgrades
  • Regular backups
  • Design updates
  • Unexpected errors and hacking attempted or successful efforts
  • And much, much more.

DelCorp Data takes care of the above and anything else you may need. Whatever your requirements our packages may take care of the basics or get one made up through a Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Business stuff too needs support.

When business owners need advice let us disentangle the jargon and interpret mumbo-jumbo to plain English.

Business stuff may need support too.  Tech and business are so closely linked that we understand that we offer support for business people who don’t have any technical project with us. Examples could be:

  • Independent testing of a piece of software created by a different developer/s
  • Documentation of an idea
  • Stand-in-CTO (Chief Technical Officer) to assist on a occasional basis
  • Independent audits
  • Current technical Service Level Agreement check*

*We see some cases that when SLA’s are in place these things don’t happen. For example if a company promises 99% uptime, what happens if this promise isn’t met? We can measure, test and report.