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Business First

Let’s chat about what you want built, designed and tested.

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Technology Second

Once we know what to build, let’s get to work.

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Automating your workflow, notifications and anything else can be easier than you think.

Do more with your website

Automation is about getting the most from your website.


Loads of ways to automate, one website. From web-forms, to instant dispatching whatever your workflow procedures are its likely we can systemise your website. All websites should aid the business owner achieve their business goals and DelCorp Data have no less than two integrations from web-to-lead to Google Maps, whatever your requirements it’s likely we can integrate.

All the big names, smooth integrations

Big sophisticated systems may look scary; however, they offer great developer support too.

Integrations is the process of bringing two or more systems together. Large software companies actively encourage integrations as all good companies know they can’t specialise in all areas tech, so they allow integrations. To know if your company allows integrations google = “company name” + “API” and you should see a developer link with lots of technical information. If so great!


All the popular CRM’s or No CRM? No worries!

Yes, we work with popular Customer Relations Management (CRM) systems, but if you don’t have one, we’ve got you covered.

SALESFORCE.COM-LOGO-KR zohocrm ipbrick_sugar-crm_software

A CRM is a fantastic tool utilised by proactive companies that help track customer requirements from the smallest enquiries to onging relationships.

DelCorp Data supports a wide array of CRM’s from Sales force, SugarCRM to ZohoCRM. We support CRM’s which allow integrations, and if you have had a custom made CRM, and have the source code we can help.

If you don’t have a CRM then we can still look after you, no worries let us install our CRM. Our CRM has all the features that most businesses needs.