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Business First

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Technology Second

Once we know what to build, let’s get to work.

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Engage customers with beautiful design.

Identify with a strong logo & slogan

Build instant connection with imagery & emotion.


A strong image is important in a crowded market place. It sends an image of anticipation and structure. A strong slogan communicates to your audience what you stand for with the client in mind.

What makes you stand out form the rest?

A strong image can assist in many ways, from creating expectations to over-delivering for repeat clientelle and referrals. A great brand does more than make your business card look nice.

Industry standards

You’ll be happy to know that we utilise the latest in design software. We use Adobe products so you can be rest assured that your files can be read worldwide.


Getting touchy feely. The Graphical User Interface (GUI).

An attractive GUI is an important part of your business as it’s usually the first point of contact.

The initial contact is important. First impressions is important as you see our website, you consciously or subliminally are making decisions about DelCorp Data. The same is true for your audience and your presence.

A GUI is an important some say critical part of your business. Take for example accounting software, which basically balances your books and produces reports. For a long time Quickbooks and MYOB ruled the globe, but then entered Xero. Xero changed the ‘boring’ old software and added beauty to the mix. Xero is now a large and growing player in this space as it continues to propel forward with it’s bold ambitious plans with ‘beautiful software’.

Great design greatly enhances what you stand for. From the colours you choose to the words you use, paying close attention to detail can pay great dividends.