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Integrated Marketing

Integrated marketing is all about getting all your online & offline messages in sync with your main message.

The right message all the time is all about content marketing

Sending the right message at the right time, can be tricky, but a well thought out content strategy can do wonders.

Integrated marketing is probably the second most important aspect of your marketing arsenal, the first priority is the message itself.

Now than ever before the need for an integrated marketing message is crucial as the amounts of channels that your audiences are receiving your content is vast.

Integrated is the management of the messages delivered through the vast array of channels, for example; in the past you could send a message on a TV or radio station, known as one-to-many broadcasting. Now you can do the same, but the audience responds and echo’s what you say and do. A good or bad message can be received through your website, Facebook, Twitter, social, blogs, SMS, TV, radio, podcasts, video and good old fashioned human-to-human.

The ability to communicate is now so vast that Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) management is of great importance.


Web & Social Optimisation is about getting your brand right

Web & social optimisation is about getting all the right links, images, contact information and other basic things right.


Optimisation is about getting your profiles looking great in all channels. The same image can look significantly different on different devices and machines. Making sure you profile has the right information, images, profile data is important.

Having inaccurate information leaves your customer’s scratching their heads and reduces your reputation.

Drive specific traffic to your site through the right content

Once you have the house in order its time to drive traffic. The old saying “you cant get a first time impression the second time” is true.

Driving specific traffic is no secret. Driving the right kind of traffic that converts is a whole new ball game. There are many ways to drive traffic to your site. At DelCorp Data we see traffic in two main categories; online & offline sources.

  • Online sources can be from: social media, commentary, video sites, white papers, audio-books, etc
  • Offline sources examples can be from seminars, marketing material, radio, TV advertising, word-of-mouth, etc

The idea is to drive the right kind of traffic and the only way you can do this is through the right content. Content creation is important as it stimulates and engages the right audience.

Next time you are searching, remember you are sifting through loads of content. So keep in mind that you too, need the right content.


Data analytics is important part of your business.

Getting to know the who, why, where, when and how of your website is important, analytics does this.


Analytics to any website for the following reasons.

Before we start presenting the obvious, please understand that DelCorp Data assists in interpreting the information. The following list simply captures data, however setting goals is the important aspect of data analytics. Here’s the list:

  • Page views & visits per day
  • Bounce rate & bouncey page
  • Traffic sources & from where
  • Referring websites
  • Top pages and posts
  • Any much, much more.

The problem we have is there is too much data. Sifting and making sense of this data is important. A great way to streamline the data analysis process is to set goals, for example: download our catalogue, listen to our audio books, purchase an item, etc.