Unprotected sensitive data at rest

Many IOS application can be involved in storing and unveiling intimate data. Some of these applications handle sensitive information, for instance, personal credentials or financial information and most of these applications use the feature of remembering details (remember me) which involves risk.



The well-designed architecture of the application using a secure stance in terms of securing intimate data. It can help in finding and identifying risks and secure the confidential information of the user. The Apple Keychain service can be used to protect the sensitive data in IOS application-based security.


Trustjacking Vulnerability

In IOS vulnerabilities, Trustjacking is one of the worst nightmares for the IOS device users because it allows a cybercriminal to dominance and records all the actions of the IOS device. The IOS feature iTunes Wi-Fi sync which helps an attacker to get access all the files such as photos, application data, and SMS history. Cybercriminal has to allow the IOS device to get the permission to connect to iTunes and then allow iTunes syncing on Wi-Fi which is “iTunes Wi-Fi Sync” feature. By using Trustjacking, the attacker can install applications which look totally legitimate to the victim, but those applications are malicious, and these malicious applications can be used to grasp the APIs activities of the device.



This kind of vulnerability is not easy to secure from cybercriminals because no system is fully secured in this era. But this issue can be resolved by not accepting unknown devices (computers) as trusted which will help in cleaning and clearing the trusted devices list in the IOS device. So, this solution will help to reduce the risks of getting attacked or hacked by an attacker using Trustjacking.

Platform security awareness

Users are unaware of the insecurity of the platform because none of the platforms is fully secured unless the device is connected to the internet. This is an issue that users are unaware of how to use specific security features.



The designers and developers of applications in IOS should be responsible for the security features and users can subscribe to Apple security services to protect and retrieve their sensitive data.

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