Our Mission is simple:

To be the best communicators & support team you have ever come across in the dynamic world of Technology.

We can only achieve this with your feedback.

It all started like this…

In 2001 when the world was licking it’s wounds from a dot.com crash, there were a few big players such as Microsoft which dictated how we used technology. With the amount of unflterable data the likes of Google assisted in searching and sorting web pages, however the vast amount of data continued to pour in.


The disabling of the Microsoft behemoth (Anti-competitive suit) gave rise to open source technology. Open source technology is the ability to use other’s software code, and create your own version, known as ‘branching out’.

Soon the business community would be engulfed with hundreds of thousands of software apps & solutions which were supposed to make our life easier. However, with the ‘always switched on’ society we live in, it’s easy to see that technology has taken control and possibly complicated our lives a little more.

The problem of over-supply of data persists and will worsen. Business owner’s are drowning in data, trying to keep up with technology and competitors.

Software giants expect companies to mold to off-the-shelf software or have custom build solutions like SAP, InfoSYS, etc which could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to set up.

DelCorp Data’s co-founder, Julio Del Cid, saw a logical fix.

DelCorp Data’s Background

Julio, co-founder of DelCorp Data (previously known as Anythingnet.com.au, an app development company), understood that advances in software should increase efficiencies whilst reducing cost. However price of software development has increased as demand rises.

Julio has been working in technology since 2002 and has worked with NASDAQ listed companies such as security Giant VeriSign(now Symantec), Fast Growth private companies, won numerous awards and recipient of Victorian Government’s Department of Sustainability & Business Innovation (DSBI) for an augmented reality application, well before the Pokemon Go craze, click here to see testing phase.

Julio noticed the same departmental problems that AnythingNet suffered other business owners faced similar frustrations. Disjointed software applications for each department which aren’t interacting with each other. Also the price of bridging software hasnt dropped, in fact, as demands for skilled data consultants increase prices have soared.

No two businesses are the same, nor should they be and not-one piece of softwarecan solve all business issues.

Working as a mobile solutions architect (manages software engineers such as app developers & web developers) and being the ‘human middleware’ guiding highly technically specialised teams, it made sense to create applications which bridge departmental software as one.


With middleware and application development under his belt, there was one last issue of price. The likes of SAP, InfoSys and other behemoths who can automate most businesses the cost of these systems can start from $100,000 to implement with ongoing training modules and consulting fees of approximately $1500 per half day!

DelCorp Data believes in charging a fair price, usually below market price for sustainability and in multiple affordable stages.


Then along came Patricia

When Julio met Patricia, he understood that the human factor as an essential part of the technology sector, and a part that the big companies miss providing most of the time (Have you tried to get phone support with one of those big companies? It is a nightmare!)


Patricia brought to DelCorp Data her passion for people, as well as her previous experience as a Psychologist and Business Coach, to create an outstanding experience for our clients and team.

She believes that the relationship between client and business should be a win-win situation for both sides, and that everyone should have the right to be cared about. And this is what she brings to our clients – a great understanding of what is needed and strategies to growth your business.

By using well-known methodologies, such as the Critical Alignment model, we are able to work in the critical areas of your business and to identify the possibilities for its development, as well as the best plan to act on those

At DelCorp Data, we believe that your growth is our growth.

DelCorp Data’s Automation Role

1. Business First

All DelCorp Data prospective clients need to chat to a consultant, to see if we can help. With so many options available it can be easy to skip-a-beat and overlook or underestimate any tech requirements.

2. Technology Second

Once we understand the basics, we can recommend or work with your software applications in place.

The Juicy Part:

  • We can customise your software to interact with other software with off-the-shelf middleware
  • If your software doesn’t have middleware we can work with your software’s API
  • If your software doesn’t have any API we can develop your custom app



API (Application Processing Interface) is a software’s portal for others to access. Similar to openSource technology, with the difference is that the data is exposed and DelCorp Data create the interactive application/s.


Just some examples of companies we have worked with:

google_developers_logo     SALESFORCE.COM-LOGO-KR      xero-developers     realestate-api     logo-apple-developer-2x


Here’s how to search to see if your software has the API goods. Simply Google the name of your software package along with type in “API”. Example: “XERO API” = https://developer.xero.com/.


You may not have heard of us

Yes we’re new and fresh. However, collectively with over 20 years experience, we’ve been around long enough to know what clients value.

Our beliefs are strong


1. Business First, Technology Second. Let us talk, discuss and plan your journey. We believe technology shouldn’t control what we do, rather we tell technology what to do.

2. Never pay for unnecessary items. We’ll always discuss plans with your instructions before we start building anything.

3. You’re in control. With you in total control of the process and giving us the go-ahead before any further development, you are in total control.

4. Educated clients. We belive an educated client makes better decisions. We educate our clients through Podcasts, videos, learning platforms (click here to see our Learn by doing’ portal) and above all our highly trained staff to answer and educate you along your journey.

5. We don’t play favorites. Other companies receive commissions from their software referral partners, we don’t! Whatever departmental software you utilise, we’ll work with them. No favorites, no kickbacks, just solutions.

6. Communication. We strive every day to communicate as best as we possibly can. We’re 100% accessible in person, phone, video conferencing, chat, email…you can contact us 24/7 (ticket support).

7. Have fun. We believe that business is an exciting journey which strengthens and enriches people.Technology should make your life easier not harder.

“A problem shared is a problem halved”


Call us, let us know what’s keeping you up at night. Good or bad, allow us to handle the challenging, boring systematic workload, we love it.

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It’s time to Automate

Get ahead of your competition, the time is now.

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See how Automation works


If you feel your business can be a little better with some automation, don’t hesitate to call us on 1300 DELCORP (1300 335 267). We offer a free, no obligation analysis worth $250 with one of our highly trained consultants.