What is pretexing?

Pretexting is an attack to gain information which an opposite person does not want to share such as personal details, company’s confidential data and so on. In this attack, a cybercriminal will pretend as someone else to manipulate victim to gain access to all the sensitive information such as user credentials. Pretexting is an effective attack because of human error or unawareness of cyber-attacks among users and companies’ professional employees. Sometimes, companies hire cybercriminals to test the organizations’ employee’s knowledge and loyalty using the pretexting attack. Pretexting is an art to manipulate anyone to gather privileged information from the victim which can be used for illegal purposes.

pretexting attack






Methods for avoiding pretexting attack

The best method to help companies’ employees in avoiding scam of pretexting or social engineering attack is awareness training programs. Training programs will help employees to stay alert and follow the company’s policy to avoid sharing any sensitive information with an unknown person. Employees should know about dissimilar risk assessment tools to figure out different scams. If an employee of the company has been trapped in pretexting scam, then the company should have the policy to handle these kinds of situations which will be controlled or handled by legal teams of an organization or a company. Human error can only be reduced by educating each employee and stakeholders of the company which is essential to avoid pretexting social engineering attack.


Need any help with pretexting attacks?

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