Programming comes in all forms and languages. Ask 100 different programmers, coders and technical people and there would most likely be 100 different opinions, of combinations, methods and languages which prevail.

DelCorp Data focus on what is the tipping point. What this means is that we focus on what are the most popular, tried and tested programming techniques in the app and web development field.

Loads of programming options, loads of issues.

The more and more programming techniques and options we have the more convoluted processes are. To keep things streamlined we keep a simple thought pattern, we work on what is working, set by the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) to provide the web standards;

For web development we focus on the following standards:

  • LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP)
  • Latest versions of; HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Website we create can be custom or created from frameworks.

web stack programming Melbourne

For App development we focus on C-based or objective oriented programming:

  • iOS, we utilise X-code and Swift
  • Android development, we focus on Java and Android studio

The software we create is native, so no code wrappers, no shortcuts just pure clean code. The software compilers we utilize are industry standard recommended by the authorizing party for example Xcode by Apple.

Web services such as API (Application Programming Interface)

front-end back-end programming and API development Melbourne Australia

Programming or coding is a very broad area, we hope this article has clarified some questions you may have had within the large doctrine which is programming.

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