Coming in March 2017

Julio will present a set of 46 critical aspects of the digital economy that all entrepreneurs must know. The podcasts are delivered in bit sized audio snippets and are non-linear meaning you can listen to any episode in any order.

How the podcasts are to be used.


The podcasts are designed so anyone, especially our clients can listen and understand some technical terms which can be a little confusing. Hopefully with the audio snippets you can understand the technical aspects behind the reasons of what we do.

Example: Episode 27 is ideal for anyone embarking on creating a new or reviving an old website. The episode talks about the 7’c’s which are context, content, community, customisation, communication, connection, commerce and we go-on and add an extra 3 c’s.

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# Podcast Name
1 Intro to the digital economy;  informtsaion systems and their importance in modern economy
2 Intro into ‘apps’
3 Structure of the Information Systems: intro
4 Structure of the Information Systems: BIS, dashboards expert systems
5 Structure of the Information Systems: Accounting IS
6 Structure of the Information Systems: Finance IS
7 Structure of the Information Systems: Production/Operations
8 Structure of the Information Systems: Marketing IS
9 Structure of the Information Systems: Human resources IS
10 Structure of the Information Systems: IT Services, personnel, components
11 How the future of IT will affect your job
12 Outsourcing, globalisation has been around for centuries
13 The difference between e-Business & e-Commerce
14 E-Commerce: intro & e-business and social commerce (marketing intro)
15 Different kinds of ecommerce solutions, shopping carts, checkouts & payment gateways
16 Shopping cart abandonment & strategies to decrease this shocking statistic
17 The shoppers experience: product and service beautification
18 Logistics and the real ecommerce store, click & collect, social commerce
19 Online Marketing intro, IMC, SMM, SEO, SEM, Adwords, Analytics & other
20 Competition online, finding a niche and how to survive the congested online space
21 Marketing strategy, audience, content, publishing, etc
22 SEO
23 SEM, Banner advertising, Adwords & paid ads (Facebook ads)
24 Content marketing
25 Data ,analytics & business intelligence (competitor intelligence & market research)
26 Websites
27 Old fashioned 7’cs + 3 bonus C’s
Include: domain names, owenrship, hosting (where is it and does it comply with regulations?), SSL, email, asset management (imgs, vids, copyright, IP), security management, password management, device management software, pernmissions
28 Types of hosting: domain name, email and web hosting then there is enterprise AWS, Google App engine
29 Knowledge management: user permission
30 Keeping up with the Data-arshians: data rot, deprication
31 Security
32 Threats, disaster prevention
33 Hacked now what ?
34 Ethics & privacy
35 Networking: wifi, shared computers, VPN, firewalls,
36 Wireless, mobile computing & mobile commerce
37 Collaboration
38 E-Learning
39 CRM
40 Logistics
41 Acquiring IS & Apps for the business
42 Verticals: FinTeck, legal, health
43 Documentation & succession planning
44 Intellectual property, open source and other legalities
45 IT education, on the job training, entrepreneurship & distrubtors
46 Entrepreneurship: IT, DelCorp Data training, our services and free advice: subscribe

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