What is CSOC?

CSOC stands for Cyber Security Operations Center and it is also known as other names. It has an essential role in protecting the business from unofficial events happening in the network and it contains the services such as monitoring & recording, detection, analysis, reaction and elimination of any issue or risk in the network. Usually, there is a professional team behind these services which are skilled expertise to detect and analyze any issue related to cybersecurity vulnerabilities and resolve that issue by preventing the security of the network. It is a 24/7/365 service.

Cyber security operations center







Problems with CSOC


Cost to comply

The first problem in building up the Cyber Security Operations Center is a huge budget and it will even cost more for hiring employees to operate CSOC on a daily basis. The companies have to comply with cost by spending at least $500,000 for setting up CSOC which is not necessary these days because these companies can hire third-party vendors to maintain and secure their network and save the sensitive data such as confidential documents or reports.


The cost to service CSOC

The payment is the biggest problem in running CSOC because usually, a company has to hire 4 employees on average, and these employees should be qualified to maintain and control the security systems. More experience means more salary like a company has to hire 2 hacker professionals at $80,000 each which is equivalent to $160,000 then at least one defensive sector engineer at $80,000 and one team leader at $80,000 to manage and control everything in the center. The minimum cost to service is around $320,000 which is quite high for small business companies.


Solution for CSOC

The solution to such problems of building up and installing security systems and hiring technical expertise for offering service is virtual CSOC. Virtual CSOC is a facility for getting the virtual environment of CSOC. It provides the capability of maintaining and managing cyber-security services virtually. Virtual environment of CSOC has the same functions of that CSOC provides. Using this virtual capability involves fewer workloads to be handled and companies don’t have to pay for setting up separate CSOC and don’t have to comply with a huge cost to service. The team members in virtual CSOC will perform tasks to find and resolve cyber-security threats or risks, which achieves exactly the same goal as that of running a local CSOC.


Our services for CSOC

Our company provides several cybersecurity services to boost detection, precaution, and resilience of potential risks. We are endeavoring to establish an effective CSOC equivalent environment for you.

Written by Julio Del Cid from DelCorp Data. Julio Del Cid can help with CSOC. If you need assistance you can visit our contact page and request a call-back about CSOC.

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