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Cybersecurity analytics & monitoring is an important part of any business. Knowing who is logging and what they are doing should be a part of any business.

It’s not “creepy” it’s your business and you are responsible for your staffs actions. If your staff don’t want to be monitored they may be allowed to access certain information.



Privacy is paramount and were not saying you should breach confidentiality. However when staff are accessing unauthorised files this is a problem.


Cybersecurity analytics and monitoring.

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A solution is to let your staff know they should stay within company cybersecurity analytics & monitoring policy surveillance.

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Network Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting

Triage your users and you will be better off.

Network Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting is about cybersecurity analytics & monitoring. Authorisation is if your users have the authority to access certain information, authority is the ability to give access to the right people (Ahem: stolen passwords) and accounting is the monitoring of your workers usage.

Noticing anomalies is easy

When you set a baseline of cybersecurity analytics & monitoring detecting out of the ordinary behavior is simple.

Cybersecurity analytics is the ability to record abnormal data and act on it. Finding what is ‘abnormal’ is the hard-part when activity is the a mess. Having structure and cybersecurity monitoring lets your staff know that any anomalies will be investigated puts many in the right frame of mind; safe surfing!

You probably have this information on you right now

We live in an age of big data and your organization probably has the data we need right now.

Cybersecurity analytics & monitoring put simply is about tracking log data. With the advent of big data sets, its likely you have access to this information. What DelCorp Data does is identifies, alerts and investigates any abnormal data. Having the log data is half the battle, so you are probably half way there to having a great cybersecurity analytics & monitoring program.

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