AWOL (Android Wake On LAN) Androids

In android smart devices, the percentage of losing data is higher than any other smart devices and most of the people are not able to restore their intimate data.



There are some solutions to save the informative data. The first solution could be auto-backed up all the essential information or data on a daily basis and a second could be the use of the services which can help to find and recuperate the misplaced devices.


Insecure Passwords

Every android device security is limited by using fancy patterns which can be easily guessed and these features are easy to use whereas equally easy to hack or guess to unlock any android device.



To secure any android device, strong passwords or PINs should be used to secure the device and there are some apps to secure the intimate data which can be used by installing them on any android device.


Decryption of data

Most of the companies or organizations have an issue of hardware-based encryption of data. Android is an open source platform which is the main issue in terms of security because there are so many bogus apps and these apps may contain malicious code or virus.



The solution for securing the confidential information in android devices is to take off the sensitive information from electronic mails or any other data sharing facilities with the help of auto-encrypted applications such as telegram, wicker and so on.


Text message phishing

Cyber criminals or attackers are using text messages to manipulate users to click on the malicious links and download application which may contain Trojan virus but the user will not be able to understand and will not know that the device has been attacked with a virus.



Solution to avoid SMS phishing or text message phishing is to use third-party security applications such as App Guard which helps to secure and stay protected from malware.


Insecure surfing

The android is vulnerable while surfing because XSS (Cross-Site Scripting) attack can target any android device and this is an issue which has not been solved yet. The Android device users do not speckle the bugs because of intermittent updates or upgrades of the operating system.



The solution to avoid insecure surfing is to use some third party applications such as App Lock, Booster, and Trend Micro and so on. These applications can help to stay away from websites which runs the malicious code.


Android malware

Bogus applications can be installed by users because of the high risk of using the android kernel which can be exploited due to the open source development platform. For this reason, the user will not be able to identify the real or bogus application while installing them.



The anti-malware applications for android such as Norton, Kaspersky can be installed to protect devices from malicious applications.


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