DelCorp Data, Awarded

‘Most Well Developed Program’

by Performance Careers

What a great honour to be recognised for our contribution in 2016 toward career development of more than 20 app developers, software engineers, coders and overall great people into the Australian business community.


Performance Education is an established group recognised & respected by professional bodies such as, the Australian Computer Society, CPA Australia, Chartered Accountants, Institute of Public Accountants, a member of IEAA with great clients such as Telstra and many more.

Learn how Joining DelCorp Data Could be Your Best Career Move.

We offer a turn-key, self-employed business package modeled off a proven formula. This formula has been road-tested for the past six years in the software development sector.


Our Program Suits the following Superstars Types


✔ Experienced Business Developers

✔ Sharp Sales People

✔ Freelancers in a digital capacity



You can join Del Corp Data in two ways. Registering as a referring partner or being a trained as a DelCorp Data agent, self-employed.



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Jobs of the future will be Automated
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High Five

25 Reasons

Why our program works
What’s Automation?
Business Process Automation (BPA), is the strategy a business uses to automate business processes in order to improve cost efficiencies. It consists of integrating business processes, restructuring human resources and utilising software applications throughout the organisation to improve firm efficiency.
Our turn-key business model.

A critical skills shortage in emerging industries such as software development has driven up demand for skilled individuals. DelCorp Data has developed a unique turnkey model for suitable candidates* who are ready to take on tomorrow’s business automation requirements today.

*Ideally you would have at least two years commercial experience at a business development managerial level.



Australia’s facing a skilled personnel shortage now and well into foreseeable future.

1. Jobs, automation skills of the future are needed now
2. Demand is high for skilled individuals
3. Skills shortage, which is why skilled migration is high
4. Pay is high, with high demand comes higher pay
5. Investment is low, all you need is training & raw brain power

DelCorp Data’s


Simple operational systems are our strength.

6. Proven operational/technical systems
7. Proven financial systems
8. Transparent payment terms
9. Great support for client & staff
10. Full training provided*

*Initial training and ongoing development & support
We model the best. Strong…



Client payment flexibility is key
We offer our clients flexible payment options

11. Robust financial operations
12. Strong legal systems
13. High Return On Investment
14. Money back guarantee^
15. Low investment to return; strong yields better than bricks

^Register to find out more
Build an asset


Future planning
Forward Thinking
As our digital needs increase so do the demands of trained personnel required to assist businesses better manage and cope with the ever-revolving technological tide.

16. Invest in your future, build an asset
17. Build a business for yourself not by yourself
18. Get in at initial stages, meaning the license fee will only increase with new agents
19. Everyone’s technological needs will keep growing daily. Growth sector.
20. Work on your terms, your schedule, your location, and work with like-minded peers on challenging projects.

All About You
Have Fun
Having fun at work makes work enjoyable, which makes you happy. Happy people make’s everyone’s lives a whole lot easier and pleasure doing business with them.
  1. Flexibility, work on your terms, your schedule from your location
  2. Flexible payment terms
  3. We support your sales, technical and financial operations
  4. Investing in yourself is by far the best investment decision you can make
  5. Be happy and go with the flow

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